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The flavours of these mixed spices exceeded my expectations. Needs to be tried by all curry lovers.


We made the Shahi Chicken Masala over the weekend and it came out really well! Pretty easy to follow recipe, minimal prep, the fragrance was excellent, the texture creamy and the best part was that it was non spicy, so our 9 year old was able to enjoy it (next day too!). Paired it with some basmati rice and rotis and it was really great! Thank you for a great product!


Really enjoying these spices.


I have tried to perfect my attempts at Indian cuisine for literally decades. These spice mixes and accompanying easy to follow recipe cards have enabled me to produce dishes that are comparable to good restaurant quality in terms of both taste and aroma.


Absolutely amazing beautiful flavours easy to follow receipe card
Was just like it was from.indian takeaway

Fantastic Flavours!

The flavours were amazing and it was so easy to make with the step by step recipe card. Will definitely be ordering more.

Wonderful spices!

I bought a gift box for my son and he keeps sending me pictures of his supper! He was so complimentary about the spices that I bought some of my own. We have just finished eating lamb rogan josh and it was delicious! Much, much better than our usual bought sauces and just as easy to make. We are converts to your spices from now on!

Great Products

So authentic .. really recommend , I now have quite a selection!

Party for the taste buds

Made a veggie Rogan Josh. It was delicious, the right amount of heat and perfect for using up veg as shopping is tricky these days.
Butter Chicken was also amazing, both made from scratch first time ever. Easy to follow recipes. I’m looking forward to cooking the Masala next. Lockdown has livened up.


Superb. This was so much better than any other curry sauce from a bottle or packet or even from our local Indian restaurant. We normally celebrate my wife’s birthday with a take away curry from the local Indian restaurant for our family. However, during COVID their prices have increased by 20% so we decided to think of something else.

So for the price of just 3 take away main courses I purchased the 8 pack. £22 more for other ingredients made a total of £67. In about an hour and a half I made 3 dishes using the included recipes each for 4 people. So for about half the price from our Indian takeaway we all had our fill with some left over. And only a fraction of the spices had been used!

Money isn’t the point though. The flavour of these curry’s were fantastic. Can’t wait to try the other dishes.

Amazing Spice

I’m now on my third tin of Kashmiri Rogan Josh. It’s better than going out for a curry! Amazing!

fantastic curries and service

received my first pack and have enjoyed the keema and the rogan josh so far
will not hesitate to order more soon

As I’m on my own, i’ve only tried the Chana Masala up to now, being a Vegetarian i added some cauliflower and peas to the chickpeas! it was very easy and very tasty.
I will hopefully in the future have my curry parties where the other spices will be tried out.

Brilliant Curry Spice Blends

Have tried 3 different recipes on the family and they have all gone down a storm with everyone loving the aromas whilst cooking and taste on eating. Just do not get these flavours from a jar or packet mixture.

Great service and great flavout

Only tried the Rogan Josh so far but it was excellent,the Keema’s next,looking forward to that.
Definitely recommend this so far.

Amazing taste

I recently bought 3 spices and cannot believe how the food tastes. Such a great depth of flavour. Will definitely be ordering more.

6 Pack Ultimate North Indian Curry Collection

Products arrived really quickly and in lovely little containers. Easy to use although I would have liked to be able to get my measuring spoon into the pot to avoid spills but happy non the less. Would definitely recommend and buy again!! The cards are a great addition too!!! :-)

My secret ingredient

I made this for my husband without telling him anything about the rub. Whilst he was eating he barely stopped to talk! Lol.
Once we finished he said " now that's something I need in my life once a week"
This is when I decided to tell him what I had used..
I have young children too.. I am so glad I have finally found the perfect rub to suit everyone in the family..

A taste of India

Excellent product in lovely containers. A great new addition to my curry making larder, and will purchase again.

Butter chicken curry

Absolutely stunning. Even had a compliment off my husband and my son thought I had ordered an Indian so can't get better review than that


2 curries in and can’t fault in any way.

Very tasty

Lovely looking packaging, the roast meat spice kit is fantastic and very authentic, going to buy more kits for sure.

6 pack

Prompt arrival. So far I am really chuffed with the spices and help of the recipe cards making some beautiful food..

Great Butter Chicken

Very happy with speedy delivery. Spices smell amazing & packaged in lovely little tin. Recipe card was great & easy to follow. As always proof was in final result & following the recipe resulted in a really tasty dish. Would definitely recommend.


The rub is great. All so easy and such a great taste!