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Goan Vindaloo
Richard Rickhuss
Goan vindaloo

Excellent product very nicely spiced not too hot you can make it as hot as you want very nice curry excellent recipe card 👍

Butter chicken

Made this followed easy instructions was very nice bit too spicy for my wife so will put less in next time but still very tasty

Keema and Garam Masala

The mixes of these products are fabulous. Each has it's own wonderful flavour and the Garam Masala blend is the icing on the (cake!) meal, it just elevates the flavour to an evening higher level. Fully recommend these blends.

Curry Bundle

Well ,what I say , totally stunning in every way .
The spice sensation is incredible, can't fault the dishes I've made .
Tandoori chops , tandoori chicken skewers,mughlai keema masala,shahi chicken masala and kashmiri rogan Josh . Great value , can't wait to add to my collection 😀 😋

Old Delhi Butter Chicken
rosemary mowatt
Old Delhi Butter Chicken

Old Delhi Butter Chicken. My thoughts on it. It was very rich and creamy, had enough heat in it to be pleasant to the palette. The recipe yielded enough for 4 portions OR 6 if serving along with , samosas, bhajis, naan bread and rice. I really wouldn't hesitate to recommend these especially if you aren't too sure as to how to make a good curry. The recipe instructions are clearly written and easy to follow


First time trying my purchase and it was delicious. What a flavour! I made this rather than the butter chicken as I had read that it was quite spicy. This was quite spicy too and my daughter could not eat it but it was fine for my husband and I. Looking forward to trying the butter chicken soon. I will be buying more!

Excellent Spices

I was a little wary of purchasing these but glad I took the plunge.
Easy to use, great recipes and excellent result.

Just delicious

I don’t buy in takeaway curry now. These spice pots are just fantastic and taste better than a takeaway 😁

Biryani (Limited Edition)
Patricia Thompson
Biryani at it's best!

Pleased to receive my spice mix. I have had Biryani many times at Indian restaurants but I made one at home and was so pleased with the result. The recipe is easy to follow and the results as good as any restaurant dish. Highly recommended.

Goan Vindaloo
Doris R
Going Vindaloo

Another great Spice mix. Lovely flavour, not too hot. Recommend this too.

Chicken Cocktail Kebabs

Absolutely delish, they don't take long to cook, lovely on the Barbie.


I've made this a few times and its absolutely delicious! Restaurant quality.


Nicest, no synthetic taste. Just authentic curry.

Butter Chicken

I have never had Old Delhi Butter Chicken before but I have to say I was well impressed it took a bit of time because of the marinating of the Chicken I did it over night but the wait was well worth it from now on it is one of my favourite Curries

First time

This was the first time I had made a biryani and I did it with chicken. Very easy to follow instructions and I would definitely make it again. I would reckon these spices to everyone

Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Jane Poulton
rogan josh

will never buy jar curry again
brilliant curry powder

garam masala

Best curry powder I have used

Restaurant quality

My hubby couldn't believe I'd made this curry. The spices are worth every penny. Instructions are easy to follow and results are game changing. More pricy than supermarket spices but worth it rather than spending on a take out meal. I've already recouped cost.

Take Away Curry

This Rogan Josh was super tasty & fresh has good has any curry I have ordered has a takeaway meal but the catch was I cooked from scratch using the ingredients I had at hand with a cubed Beef it was delicious 😋


I actually have no words my son bought me the rogan josh and vindaloo ones I've actually reordered again, so I can review myself this is the most incredible curry I have had and I eat curry's all over the country nothing beats these curries follow the instructions guaranteed you won't buy another Indian takeaway Trust me.

Cocktail Kebabs
Peter Palmer

I consider myself a very well travelled person and cook. Mrs Balbir Singh’s products are superb!

Butter chicken to die for

My family just love the Old Delhi Butter Chicken. The recipe is so easy to follow and the results are restaurant quality or better. It’s fabulous!

Best Curry ever

This is the nicest curry I have ever had!

So easy

Amazing spice blend and so easy to create, great for anytime eating.

Chana Masala

Absolutely fantastic !!