Goan Vindaloo - Gourmet Indian Spice Blends by Mrs Balbir Singh®
Goan Vindaloo - Gourmet Indian Spice Blends by Mrs Balbir Singh®

Goan Vindaloo

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Introduced to the coastal state of Goa in the 1500s by Portuguese sailors who travelled with their garlic-flavoured vinegar stew. Carne de Vinha d'alhos, or vindaloo, refers to meat cooked in wine and garlic. One of the most famous but also misrepresented Indian dishes, this version is packed full of its signature intense, tangy, garlicky and 'pickled pork' notes, and can be as hot or mild as you prefer. 


  • An authentic Mrs Balbir Singh recipe card
  • 1 x Goan Vindaloo blend (50g)
  • Makes dish 2 times (serves 4 each time)

NOTE: this blend contains ground MUSTARD SEEDS

Whereas all our spice blends are vegan-friendly, you may need to use your favourite vegetarian or vegan alternatives in our recipes and serving suggestions where required.

The spices we use are free from gluten but are processed in a facility that also handles nuts and wheat


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elliot Barden
Authentic dish

As usual I'm very pleased with the spices. Very authentic and nothing like the obscenely hot generic vindaloo sauce you get from takeaways

Leisha Burns
Different in a good way

I usually slow cook my curries, but the Goan Vindaloo is different and thrives on being eaten fresh from the pan. Loved it, and so did the family

Denis Clark

Tried this for the first time, was truly surprised how well it came out, a great blend of spices, cannot wait to make it again.

Mark Arnold
Truly epic!

Yet another Balbir treat! Authentic, tasty, and great value.... Never yet to be disappointed :-)

Malcolm Scott
New Goan Vindaloo

Another great success. As with all the other blends, a perfect result awaits. Absolutely recommend this one.

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