BEHIND THE BLEND: Mughlai Keema Masala

BEHIND THE BLEND: Mughlai Keema Masala
BEHIND THE BLEND: Mughlai Keema Masala


Like much of Northern India's cuisine, keema or queema has Persian roots and was brought to India by the Mughals. It is believed to have been first mentioned as a recipe in writings about Emperor Akbar. The word itself can be traced back to an ancient Turkish word "kiyma" meaning ground or minced meat.

BEHIND THE BLEND: Mughlai Keema Masala
This extremely popular dish which most likely hails from the royal kitchens of Akbar's iconic Agra Fort (above), has now become a well-loved favourite in homes, restaurants, and roadside diners, or "dhabas", across India. You'll of course also find it on the menu of many Indian restaurants around the world, so effortlessly has it travelled over generations.
BEHIND THE BLEND: Mughlai Keema Masala


Using our specially handcrafted blend, the simplicity of preparing this royal keema dish using Mrs Balbir Singh's recipe card, makes it a weeknight treat. Its elegance also makes it an entertaining classic. Traditionally made with lamb mince, it is just as delicious with any minced meat OR of course the many vegetarian, vegan and plant-based versions widely available in the supermarkets.


In just over half an hour you'll be serving it with your choice of one or more of the freshly chopped garnishes we recommend. Enjoying it with steamed Basmati Rice or your favourite Indian bread. Click here or the image below for the recipe.


Mughlai Keema Masala Recipe by the Award-Winning Mrs Balbir Singh

Once you've made your non-veg or veg keema you can also enjoy it in many other ways. Here's 5 delicious ideas:-
One of North India's most famous dishes! And oh so easy to make. You'll just need to add 250g of frozen peas into our Mughlai Keema Masala curry and heat through. Even better if you do this 5 minutes before the end of our recipe card method and before you add the garam masala.
Who doesn't love a samosa? You'll be winging your way to the streets of Old Delhi, with this globally-loved any-time snack. Enjoy with some mint and coriander, or tamarind chutney. If you really want the full experience have it with some masala chai.
You really can't go wrong with a Keema Naan or Keema Stuffed Paratha for that matter. Delicious with pickles of your choice, and a bowl of raita. You're taste buds will be thanking you all week. We used to enjoy the the paratha version when we'd stop for a break on the way up to our favourite hill station! See our bread recipes for naans or parathas to which you can add the keema.
Also known as keema pav. From the bustling streets of Mumbai, comes one of it's favourite dishes. Just take our keema once made, split and lightly toast a brioche bun or similar. Slather with butter and place some keema on each half of the bun. Top with finely chopped red onions and coriander Leaves. Add a little julienned ginger, and serve with lime wedges (see below)
Lamb Raan Bun
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