A Mention in The Times and Our Customer Reviews Go Live

"Mrs Balbir Singh is the Indian Delia Smith who is credited with having invented chicken tikka masala." - THE TIMES (UK)

The amazing reviews, testimonials and high profile mentions keep rolling in!


Yesterday Mrs Balbir Singh was mentioned in an article in THE TIMES which details the birth of ckbk.com, the Spotify of Cookbooks no less, which curates the world's best cookbooks. Congrats to Matt and the team!

Candida Crewe, author, and writer of the article for the London-based paper founded in 1785 states:

"That list is now in its hundreds and includes such esteemed names as Rowley Leigh, Keith Floyd, Ken Hom and Mrs Balbir Singh, the so-called Indian Delia [Smith] who is credited with having invented chicken tikka masala."

Mrs Balbir Singh's 5 Star Customer Reviews


In other exciting news, we finally went live with reviews on our online store yesterday. We have been absolutely blown away by the number of fabulous recommendations that have been posted on our site*. It's great to read how much people have been enjoying our gourmet spice blends, and the dishes that they create. The reviews from those who matter the most, people using our blends, are absolutely stellar. Suffice to say we do LOVE our customers!

One of our customers, Dianne, states: "If there is one thing you MUST do in your life get these spices."

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