About Us

 Our aim is to take you on a sumptuous and mouthwatering discovery of quintessential recipes from this culinary legend and we invite you to join us on a very special and tasty journey.

Our Company

My grandmother Mrs Balbir Singh was a pioneering female-force in both the teaching and writing of the art of Indian cookery. I’m excited to have started a company that celebrates and I hope builds on her amazing achievements. In doing so I believe I am taking her legacy and what is a very special part of India’s culinary heritage to an even wider audience.
In my own way I hope to continue her passion of empowering people to making both the preparation and partaking of mealtimes truly special. She instilled such skill and also personal confidence to the students in her classes that people still write to me today expressing their thanks to her. I hope that you not only embrace the wonderful experience that is Indian home cookery, but also like my grandmother really enjoy the sharing of wonderful dishes with family and friends alike around your dining table.
 Made With Love From Our Family To Yours
Growing up in Delhi, I vividly remember going to the local market with my Ammi who even in her later years although having the luxury of domestic help, always insisted on personally choosing the freshest ingredients from her preferred local vendors. Today that would be called a farmers’ market, and the ingredients labelled as all-natural and artisan. However in those days that's what everything was, and cooking from scratch was the norm.
I'd sit next to her and watch mesmerised as she would toast, grind and blend her own spices and like an alchemist put together amazing dishes for friends, family, and the regular guests from overseas. Sunday lunch at her home in Vasant Vihar was the highlight of the week, we could smell the aromatic spices as we entered the house, full of anticipation for that day's menu. Sometimes old favorites, sometimes something new, but always heavenly.
She loved teaching her art and sharing her skills at her cookery and homemaking classes, and poured so much passion into each and every recipe in her books. I feel it is not only my responsibility but a great privilege to keep her legacy vibrantly alive in modern ways that as a trailblazing cookery teacher and author she would wholly approve of. It is my pleasure to bring you many of her recipes and also some amazing spice blends.
I hope you enjoy.
With love,