Biryani (Limited Edition) - Gourmet Indian Spice Blends by Mrs Balbir Singh®
Biryani (Limited Edition) - Gourmet Indian Spice Blends by Mrs Balbir Singh®
Biryani (Limited Edition) - Gourmet Indian Spice Blends by Mrs Balbir Singh®
Biryani (Limited Edition)

Biryani (Limited Edition)

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PLEASE NOTE: that you will also need a small amount of
our garam masala for this recipe. 
BIRYANI. One word, which to hundreds of millions of people conjures up so many emotions, memories and smiles. Especially synonymous with the city of Hyderabad, Biryanis are undoubtedly one of the most popular rice dishes in the world. Rich in flavour, this is the one-pot meal to reign over all one-pot meals.
RICE AND SPICE... Is there any better combination?
An absolutely irresistible medley of fluffy and fragrant Basmati rice, tender marinated chicken (or lamb, prawns, fish, or vegetables), aromatic and freshly ground spices bursting with flavour... accentuated by caramelised onions... and all enhanced by the slightly roasted and nutty background note of ghee. This is food-heaven.
We have simplified what can otherwise be quite an ambitious affair, without sacrificing any of the complexity of its wonderfully sumptuous flavours. Once you experience it, we're sure it will become a weekly favourite and one of your go-tos for dinner parties.
Each bite you take will be that of true epicurean enlightenment. In fact you, your family and your very lucky friends may well rejoice... that you can now make this at home whenever you like!


Please note that you will also need a small amount of

our garam masala for this recipe. 

Enjoy with a cucumber raita. 

VERSATILE: use any protein: traditionally made with lamb, chicken, prawns, or vegetables, but also perfect whether you use any other plant-based based, paneer or other vegetarian options. 

EASY: no fuss, all flavour: with all the hardest part of the ingredients and recipe already done for you with over a dozen specially selected and prepared spices, you'll become a Biryani expert in no time. 

Our top grade spices are expertly sourced, freshly-ground, roasted and blended in small artisanal batches. Packed in our new larger tins.

Ships with an authentic recipe card.
Heat Level: Medium
No Salt | No Sugar |  No Fillers Or Bulking Agents
Net Weight: 100g ℮ (enough to make the recipe 4 times)
Allergen & Dietary Information

The ingredients we use are free from gluten, nuts and dairy - but are packed in a facility that also handles these items in a separate area.

Whereas all our spice blends are vegan-friendly, you may need to use your favourite vegetarian or vegan alternatives for certain ingredients on our recipe cards where required.


Customer Reviews

Based on 378 reviews
Mrs c waldren

I’m not usually a rice dish lover but I will definitely be making this again.

david lancaster

Great spices as usual and cannot recommend enough easy to follow recipes and fantastic taste

Elaine Ronan

I’m no chef to say the least but having followed the recipe the biryani turned out fabulous - I was delighted.

Patricia Thompson
Biryani at it's best!

Pleased to receive my spice mix. I have had Biryani many times at Indian restaurants but I made one at home and was so pleased with the result. The recipe is easy to follow and the results as good as any restaurant dish. Highly recommended.

Gail Wood
First time

This was the first time I had made a biryani and I did it with chicken. Very easy to follow instructions and I would definitely make it again. I would reckon these spices to everyone

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