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Company, Intellectual Property & Permissions

COMPANY: Mrs Balbir Singh Limited and Mrs Balbir Singh IP Holdings Limited are privately-owned businesses which operate or partner in the areas of publishing, digital media, food products and services, merchandise and experiential services. We create, own and manage premium content, products and services under our unique brand: MRS BALBIR SINGH. Our mission is to introduce Mrs Balbir Singh’s unique culinary heritage, story, recipes, and taste experiences to a broader audience and future generations. We aim to ensure that the traditions, integrity and authenticity of Mrs Balbir Singh and India's culinary arts are kept vibrantly alive via our initiatives; while inspiring, satisfying and delighting our customers and community.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: MRS BALBIR SINGH, THE MRS BALBIR SINGH COMPANY, MRSBALBIRSINGH.COM, MRSBALBIRSINGH.CO.UK, MRSSINGHS.COM, THEARTOFINDIANCOOKERY.COM and related marks, websites, content, recipes and formulations, are trademarks, internet domains and the copyright of Mrs Balbir Singh Limited, or Mrs Balbir Singh IP Holdings Limited and/or its owners.

USE OF OUR SPICE BLENDS, RECIPES AND PERMISSIONS: Mrs Balbir Singh’s tried and tested recipes are the result of generations of expertise and a lifetime’s dedication and work in perfecting, teaching and promoting the art of Indian home cookery. Along with our trademarks and the Mrs Balbir Singh story, our recipes and spice blend formulations are an important lifeblood of our business; and as such we respectfully request your compliance with the following.

Please feel free to share a working link back to our recipe pages on your own personal social media channels. However, if  you are a food blogger or online or traditional media company or other type of company and love one of our recipes on MrsBalbirSingh.com and feel free to share a working link back to our recipe with intro text from our site, but if you would like to share it in full on your own website, please:

1) rewrite the method and instructions in your own words (rather than simply copying and pasting ours),

2) write your own introduction or headnotes (please do not copy ours),

3) credit the recipe author by name i.e. Mrs Balbir Singh or Mrs Balbir Singh Limited, and

4) provide a working link back to the source recipe page on MrsBalbirSingh.com

There is a good reason that we we ask that you rewrite the recipes in your own words. It is because Google penalizes sites when they see duplicate content on the web, making it more difficult for readers to find our own unique content and recipes using Google search.


All recipes are provided for instructional or educational purposes for home/personal use ONLY. Please contact us should you wish to seek permission to use any of Mrs Balbir Singh’s recipes or spice blend formulations for any commercial purposes - see below for further information.

Express written permissions are required for the use and/or reproduction of the Mrs Balbir Singh name, logo, image, likeness, story, quotes, content, published and unpublished works, and products (including spice blends or their formulations and accompanying recipe cards) for ANY commercial or charitable activities. This includes but is not limited to: the promotion and/or sale of any kind of goods or services, any planned works or derivative works by third parties, the reprinting and/or publishing in any medium any material for which Mrs Balbir Singh held, or for which her heirs hold, the copyright; and any photographs of Mrs Balbir Singh.

Our definition of commercial activities extends to any activity in which the public or a business is asked or required to pay money, even if the money ultimately benefits a charity. To seek such permission, or for licensing and partnership enquiries, please contact us at info@mrsbalbirsingh.com in the first instance.