Corporate Gift Service Now Available

Mrs Balbir Singh's Indian Cookery - Corprate Gift Service Now Available

We've only recently launched but people have already been in touch with us about whether we offer a corporate gifting programme, and the good news is that we do!

Reward your employees with a personalised gift for a work anniversary, holiday, birthday, or for a job well done. Customize your gift with your a message with your company logo and your employee's name for an ultra personal touch. Or gift your important clients something truly unique and memorable at anytime of the year, or simply as a thank you for their business. Our heritage, story, product and recipe quality are sure to make a long lasting impression.

We offer a number of benefits and customisations, including:

- generous volume discounts with upto 15% off

- orders of any size from one to hundreds or more 

- a choice of national and international shipping services

- full end-to-end fulfilment and dropshipping (shown as shipped by you)

- luxury gift-wrapping and custom note cards

Also, depending on your budget, minimum order size, and sufficient leadtimes we can also dcreate fully custom gift sets, whether that be a fully vegetarian recipe offering, or for example a set of tandoori grill spice blends, and such like. 

Please see our Corporate Gifts section to learn more, and contact us via that page to start the conversation with us as early as possible.