Mrs Balbir Singh's Award-Winning Tandoori Rub - Gourmet Indian Spice Blend (Masala)
Mrs Balbir Singh's Award-Winning Cookbook - Mrs Balbir Singh's Indian Cookery

"The Indian Delia [Smith] who is credited with having invented chicken tikka masala."


"The gold standard for Indian cooking"

- Colleen Taylor Sen, Authority on Indian food.

Featured in "The best Indian cookbooks ever, as judged by the experts"


"The only book that could produce food that tasted like real North Indian...a book that Indians would want to cook from, as all the flavours were true and recognizable.

- Madhur Jaffrey


"The taste of things to come!"

(in relation to the original chicken tikka masala)

- Peter & Colleen Grove, UK Ethnic Food Historians in their 2010 book Flavours of History

"Mrs Balbir Singh is the Julia Child, Mrs Beeton or Martha Stewart of India.

To us chefs, she is the big bang moment of modern-day Indian home cookery. 

In each cuisine, there is always to be found a hero... Mrs Singh has as good a claim to that title for Indian food as anyone."

- Simon Majumdar, Food Writer, Broadcaster, Food Network TV Judge

"Thank God for the food historians who trace chicken tikka masala back to Mrs Balbir Singh's Shahi Chicken Masala."

- NDTV (New Delhi Television) - In "7 Dishes the World Must Thank India For"

“We Delhiwallas have forgotten the debt we owe her. Thank you, Mrs Singh."

- The Delhiwalla - Blogger as seen in Lonely Planet, NatGeo, CNNGo, Rough Guides, & The Independent

 “I have a very high opinion of Mrs Balbir Singh. She wrote for us Indians... for those who wished to familiarize themselves with more elegant styles of cooking."

- Pushpesh Pant -Noted Academic, Food Critic and Historian.

 “The Rosetta Stone of Indian food" (on BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House programme)

Nisha Katona, Restaurateur, Author and TV Presenter

 “Mrs Balbir Singh's Indian Cookery is a fantastic and revolutionary work" (on BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House programme)

Chris Wallace, Radio Producer and fan of over 40 years.


Mrs Balbir Singh's recipes and masala blend were a favourite of:

- Elizabeth David, the famous doyen of the modern English cookery movement.

"I love that Mrs Singh's recipes and spice blends are now available after all these years. I highly recommend trying the shahi chicken masala."

- Dino Joannides, renowned cookbook author, food-tech entrepreneur and bon vivant.

"I never thought I would be able to taste the food that Elizabeth David so enjoyed. This a rare treat!"

- Jeremy Lee, Head Chef, Quo Vadis. Historic Soho restaurant and private members' club

I've just had an exceptional experience using your unique spice blends for one of Mrs Balbir Singh’s famous recipes. I used the Shahi Chicken Masala to make the most delicious dish.

- Julian Spencer, Lifelong fan